Repairs and Restorations

From violin, viola, cello, and bass to guitar, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele, Bayberry Music provides comprehensive repair on all stringed instruments at competitive prices and highest quality.

* Free estimates
* Beginner to professional level set ups
* Restoration of vintage instruments
* Bow repair and rehairs
* Bridge replacement
* Sound post and tonal adjustments
* Fingerboard planning and fret work
* Peg installation
* and more ......

Guitar repair at Bayberry Music

Guitar Dent Repair at Bayberry Music
Violin Bow Repair at Bayberry Music
Guitar Bridge Replacement at Bayberry Music

We do full set-ups on all violin family instruments, including the double bass, using the finest materials and tuned to give you the tone you want without sacrificing playability or longevity.

New Bass Bridge at Bayberry Music

Soundpost Patch at Bayberry Music
Kay Bass Repair at Bayberry Music

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