Our Happy Customers!

“Andy is quality focused, detail oriented, and embodies the most professional and genial service. He is as honest as they come and takes care of you with deliberate speed and promptness that gives one the peace of mind knowing that their luthier needs are well taken care of.”
Luke Rork, Musician

"I just wanted to tell you that after a few weeks playing this guitar I realized how much better it tunes, I thought it was good before, but obviously not cause i can't believe the harmony I get from this thing, I have never heard these sounds before, really a step up with the tone and intonation, moved up a notch on the scale for sure, maybe even 2. "
James Zdanowski, classical guitarist

"This is my family's violin and it hasn't been played in 80 years. Bayberry Music did a great job restoring it to playing condition and the sound is amazing! Now we just need to learn to play it!"
Gretchen Alaniz, collector

"My violin plays soaringly after I left it with Andrew for a week. Its sound has heightened clarity because of the new handmade sound post that actually fits my violin, better strings recommended by Andrew as well as the reworked fingerboard to match the curve of my new bridge! Plus, Andrew was very easy to work with. He was accommodating, knowledgeable, skillful and even made me tea when I picked up my violin!"
Clara Hardie, Violin teacher

"I received the vintage German violin on Monday and am very pleased. I was not at all disappointed by the sound; it was very big and full, not thin or nasaly like some I've played. I took it to my lesson last night and my teacher liked it, as well. She said your repairs were very well done. Now if only I could make it sound like she did when she played it...."
Laura Ostrowski, Violinist

"Andrew is a super skilled and knowledgeable luthier. He is my go to guy for all things stringed."
"If you want to know exactly, how into instruments I am, check out Andrew Pursell. I am addicted to what this guy produces for musicians. Constantly blown away by his generosity, kindness, and he's got serious skillz!"
Benjamin Teague, Adjunct Professor at University of Michigan

"After relying on Andy's repair work for years, I asked him if he could build me a guitar dedicated for studio recording work. I wanted an articulate instrument to project intricate chord voicings and yet still be sonorous and full in the mix. We collaborated meticulously, from the Antonio Stradivarius inspired materials to every physical specification and final set up. The final result was far beyond my expectations - a guitar that is absolutely stunningly in tune, perfect for recording work, and a joy to play."
Michael Filipiak, folk guitarist

"Andrew built me an acoustic guitar (loosely based on the Martin OM-28 specs), that wildly surpassed my craziest expectations. These days you do not often come across people who absolutely love, and live for their craft, but Andy is one of these people. The guitar ended up not only costing less than the original, but its quality was flat out unbelievable. People would be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic, talented, or committed professional to build or repair their favorite instrument. This is a guy who honestly gets a kick out of listening to the resonance of different woods and shows them off to his (admittedly music loving) friends. With Andy, you cannot go wrong."
Birkir Gunnarsson, folk guitarist

"Hi Andy, Just wanted to let you know that I had a chance to play [the] guitar for a while last night and it sounds really great! Thank you for such good work. I'm sure I'll be seeing you again in the future."
Wards Powers, folk guitarist

"The L-4 is an awesome sounding guitar finally at its potential. So rich and strong. Plays well too, nice work on the [new] fret ends. Thanks for making it get through its last steps to maximal tone."
Bruce Walker, folk guitarist